What it is: A silky-soft moisturizing toner that gently tones and immediately rehydrates the complexion.

What it does: This face toner instantly soothes skin with honey and almond seed extract for a perfectly clean, soft and comforted complexion. The deeply hydrating formula works as a toner, makeup remover, essence and moisturizer for dry and sensitive skin. It also helps calm and balance out the skin’s pH level and leaves skin feeling dewy and soft.

How to use: After cleansing, apply to your face and neck with your hands or a cotton pad. Follow with your usual serum and/or moisturizer.

– 13.4 oz.

– Dermatologist tested

– Safe for sensitive skin

Tonique Confort by Lancome, 13.4 oz Re-Hydrating Comforting Toner for Sensitive Skin


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